Powder Technics delivers a complete mixing and bagging line to Belgium


Our team is excited about our newest project that we got from a client in Belgium. It's a complete mixing and bagging line for chalk-based products. It's the first time we supply the whole package that is needed for mixing and bagging the products. The ingredients are mixed with Powder Technic's Ribbon Blender 250,that is filled from a custom-made service level. Extra detail was put in the safe operation of the pallet by the fork-lift. Customer's ingredients are extremely fine powders that form massive amount of dust when handled manually. Therefore the mixer was connected to Dust extraction unit DEU850, that starts automatically when mixer's service doors are opened and takes away the dust completely. From mixer the ingredient mix is conveyed to the Fillermatic™ auger filler by our Easy Clean screw conveyor. The Fillermatic™ was also connected to DEU850 unit for effective dust extraction. The mixing and bagging line is controlled by Siemens S7 plc control and Touch screen user interface. The PLC unit has online modem to give Powder Tecnic full access to make online diagnostics and software updates.