Convincing innovations


Innovation and truly original ideas to improve ingredient handling processes has been a second nature to us and the cornerstone of our success. We are an engineering company by heart and we are passionate in constant improvement our products' features and performance. What separates us from the other companies of our field is our extensive product range that comprises of our own developed products. We discovered right from the beginning, that we are not able to develop our bulk handling solutions to the level we wanted by incorporating other companies' products to our systems. A solution that consists of our own products in all core elements in the system enables us to produce dosing systems that have an outstanding operational reliability and dosing accuracy.  

Over the years we have develop own solutions to the following core elements of ingredient handling system:

Storage of ingredients

  • Powder Technic silo filter
  • Powder Technic Fluidiser™ auxiliary silo discharge equipment
  • Powder Technic indoor silo

Conveying of ingredients

  • Powder Technic Cyclone Filter( patented) for filtration in pneumatic conveying lines
  • Powder Technic sack discharge unit( patented) for dust-free discharge of ingredients to conveying line
  • Vacumatic™ vacuum conveyor unit
  • ATEX certified special screw conveyors
  • Easy clean screw conveyors for food industy

Conditioning of ingredients

  • Powder Technic Lumb crusher
  • Powder Technic Centrifugal sifter, ATEX certified 
  • Powder Technic In -Line sifter for pneumatic conveyors

Dosing of dry ingredients

  • Powdermatic™ Lite ( Patent pending) dosing unit for dosing of ingredients automatically to a collector bin
  • Powdermatic™ inline dosing unit for small ingredients and big bags
  • Powdermatic™ Ultrafast ( Patented, Utiliy model pending) dosing unit for high capacity dosing of ingredients
  • Fillermatic™ auger filler 
  • AntiDust™ big bag discharge station
  • AntiDust™ scale hopper with patented Cyclone filter and integrated dust extraction

Dosing of fluids

  • Fluidmatic™ dosing unit for liquids
  • Watermatic™ and Watermatic™ Lite watermeters with caloric dosing algorithm  

Dust extraction

  • Powder Technic Dust extraction unit 

Control systems

  • Powder Technic recipe-controller for dosing systems with SQL database and ERP compatibility
  • Batch dosing controller for dosing and a single ingredient
  • Loss-in-Weight Smart™ controller for continuous weighed dosing 
  • Dose-Track™ IoT platform for enhanced process control and optimization based on mass data