Dosing system to Estonia's biggest bakery

Dosing system to Estonia's biggest bakery

Powder Technic supplies dosing system to Estonia's biggest bakery: Eesti Pagar
The​ ​​​​new dosing system project is a modernisation to Powder Technic's previos deliveries to Eesti Pagar. 

Eesti Pagar's dosing system delivery includes Powdermatic™ system for the automatic dosing of small ingredients and big bags. The Powdermatic™ consists of big bag dosing  units for minor ingredienst such as sugar and salt and small ingredient hoppers for ingrdients delivered in small bags. These are typically improvers, dry yeast and gluten. Each ingredient is automatically dosed and accurately weighed by recipe. 

Pneumatic conveyors convey the ingredients from Powdermatic™ to scale hoppers. From scale hoppers the dry and liquid ingredients are dosed to mobile bowls of direclty to the automatic mixer. 

Powder Technic supplied a new manual dosing stations that replace the old standard table scales. The new manual dosing stations have operator screen connected to the recipe controller allowing baker to dose controlled by the recipe. The dosing results are stored to database for the quality control. 

Recipe handling is done in office pc  

The recipe-controller is connected to the office PC for recipe editing and dosing reports. Dosing reports are automatically saved to SQL database for quality control.

Eesti Pagar

Biggest bakery in Estonia
Eesti Pagar is the biggest bakery in Estonia, and our brand has been seen on the local shelves since the year 2004.Read more...