Powdermatic™ system to Dahls Bageri

Powdermatic™ system to Dahls Bageri

Dahl's Bageri selected Powder Technic for the supplier of dosing system to its new bakery. Powder Technic supplied the project together with its Swedish partner Panea. 

Powder Technic supplied a complete dosing system to Dahls Bageri's new bakery in Gothenberg, Sweden.

With the dosing system, Dahs is able to automate is dough preparation on two production lines.

Dosing from silos 

The main components of the dough,such as flour are dosed from silos that were placed inside the finished product warehousing area. The dough production area is over 50 m away from the silos. " The challenge in this project was the conveying distance of nearly 100 m from silos to mixers. We used a special conveying method and our patented cyclone filters to ensure high conveying capacity and dosing accuracy of approximataly 200 g. " says Powder Technic's CEO Tuomo Kousa

Powdermatic™ unit for small components

The dosing of small ingredients was automated by Powder Technic's Powdermatic™ unit. The Powdematic™ dosing unit consists of 10 dosing hoppers that dose ingredients accurately weighed to the pneumatic conveyor, that conveyes ingrdients to the mixer's bowl.

Fluidmatic™ dosed liquids automatically

The liquids needed for the dough, like oil, margarine, and syrup, are dosed to mixer automatically by recipe from Fluidmatic™  The unit consists of a support frame for the fluid containers and pumps for pumping the liquids to the mixer. The correct amount of liquid is accurately weighed. 

PLC controlled dosing 

The dosing of the ingredients is automatic and controlled by the recipe-controller. The dosing process is controlled and monitored by Siemens S7 PLC unit.

Connection to PCS 

The recipe controller was connected to PCS winbag production planning software, that was in use in Dahls. The recipe controller send dosing reports and ingredient consumption data to PCS for quality control and easier inventory. 

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