Ullan Pakari selected POWDERMATIC© system for both of its bakeries.

Ullan Pakari selected POWDERMATIC© system for both of its bakeries.

Ullan Pakari Oy purchased POWDERMATIC© automatic dosers for both of its bakeries.
Founded in 1911, Ullan Pakari Oy is a family-owned bakery company based on the west coast of Finland and currently has 2 bakeries in southern Finland and shop-cafés in Pori, Turku and Riihimäki. The company's products are also sold throughout southern Finland in, for example, grocers and supermarkets. Ullan Pakari specialises primarily in the production of fresh-baked rye and oat-based breads.

Powder Technic Ltd. delivered the first POWDERMATIC© automatic raw ingredient doser to Ullan Pakari's Pori bakery 16 years ago. The delivery included 4 big-bag dosers, 8 small ingredient dosers and powder dosing equipment for existing sourdough tanks. In addition to the above, the Powdermatic also doses finished sourdough, syrup and water.

The Powdermatic doses raw ingredient directly into 2 dough mixers and 2 sourdough tanks as well as to 1 dosing station, all of which is controlled by Powder Technic's recipe-based dosing automation.
Ullan Pakari installed all of the equipment itself in accordance with Powder Technic's installation plans and instructions.

Ullan Pakari Oy expanded its operations in 2011 by building a completely new bakery in addition to its first facility. The new bakery is in the city of Hyvinkää, which is located in southern Finland.
Based on the positive experiences with the first delivery, the company purchased an almost identical Powder Technic Oy POWDERMATIC© automatic raw ingredient doser for its new Hyvinkää bakery. 

Company information

Ullan Pakari Bakery, Hyvinkää plant
Capacity: 15 dough batches an hour
Number of dosed ingredients: 16
Ingredients being dosed: dry and fluid raw ingredients