Powder Technic supporting Linkosuo's growth

Powder Technic supporting Linkosuo's growth

The partnership between Powder Technic Ltd. and Linkosuon Leipomo Oy began 15 years ago. The first delivery made at that time was a POWDERMATIC© automatic doser for 9 big bags and 20 small ingredients as well as 8 different fluid dosers. In addition to these, 7 existing powder storage silos were integrated with the system and raw ingredient dosers for seven existing sourdough tanks were added.

The delivered dosing system, which is still in full, 3-shift production, is controlled by extremely advanced and versatile logic-based recipe dosing automation developed by Powder Technic Ltd. This automation also made it possible to, for example, process and run existing production queues from the office directly to the raw ingredient dosing station control terminal.

50 % savings in pre-mix costs by Powdermatic™ small component unit

The dosing need for the bakery's raw ingredients was at that time approximately 20 doses per hour in continuous three-shift production, so one of the key criteria for the system delivery was, in addition to the high dosage precision, the operational reliability of the dosing system and its ease of expansion to grow along with the bakery. As small ingredients were manually dosed before delivery of the Powder Technic system, the bakery made every effort to reduce the number of bags used by using pre-mixes, which are relatively expensive. After delivery of the system, pre-mixes were, for the most part, no longer needed, as these mixes could be made directly in the system. This allowed the bakery to save approximately 50% on the cost of pre-mixes. According to Bakery Director Jarmo Talasrinne, the set targets were met with flying colours.

Powder Technic supporing Linkosuo's growth 

Bakery production has diversified and grown quite nicely during our partnership, and the delivery we made 15 years ago has been expanded roughly 10 times.
Powder Technic has supplied Linkosuon Leipomo with, for example, fully-automated sourdough production equipment for both the old production line and the new rye chip and rye crisp production lines. Our last system expansion was brought on line in the autumn of 2017. The most recent system expansion will brought on line in the spring of 2018. The entire dosing system, which has been expanded several times, was successfully connected to Linkosuo's ERP control system in co-operation with Powder Technic and ERP system provider Digia at the beginning of 2018.


Founded in 1936, Linkosuon Leipomo Oy is a private, family-owned bakery company. Linkosuo is one of the largest bakeries in Finland and is located just outside the Tampere city centre.Read more