Automated Ingredient dosing solutions for the automatic mixer

Automated Ingredient dosing solutions for the automatic mixer

Powder Technic's Ingredient dosing system can be connected to automatic mixers for fully automatic, PLC controlled production. We have successfully integrated our system to mixers from San Cassiano, Diosna, Escher for example. 

Fully automatic  dough production process

Our typical automatic ingredient system for an industrial bakery consists of, for example, 2 silos (rye and wheat flour that are existing), 6-8 Big Bags, 10 small ingredients, 2 sourdough starters and a few fluids. Depending on the system dimensions, the system will automatically and with a high degree of precision dose 10-15 medium-sized (300 l) dough batches to an automatic mixer an hour. The dough production process can be fully automatic by ERP-connection. 

Modularite enables automation in steps

Because the Powder Technic ingredient dosing system is modular, it can be installed in phases. The first phase can be limited to, for example, the installation of flour silos and modernization of waterdosing with a  Watermatic™ water doser and new, state-of-the-art recipe control automation. The dosing system can be later upgraded by automating, for example, the dosing of fluids and small ingredients, with Fluidmatic™ and Powdermatic™ dosers. Our equipment is extremely compact in size, thus making them easy to place, even in the most cramped bakery spaces. Powder and
fluid dosing equipment can be placed, for example, in a raw material storage area, from which precisely weighed raw ingredients are conveyed by feed pipes to the production area.

Achieve steady product quality by PLC controlled automatic weighing and dosing

The dosing of raw materials is fast and precise.Maintaining active control of each dosing, the automation eliminates dosing errors. This ensures product consistency, which reduces problems on the production line. Doses can be ordered from the system individually by recipe number or by the recipe name. The automation sets the recipe proportions automatically when making smaller dough. A dosing order can be made directly according to the required products. For example, 2,500 apple pies: the automation calculates the amount of dough doses needed and creates an order queueon a separate order processing page

Connect to ERP system for quality management of your production

The controls system can be linked to the bakery's production control system. This makes it possible to, for example, enter orders and monitor production from the office on a PC. The automation also keeps a precise inventory of all ingredients and products
made. For example, the amount of flour in the silos is always known. A production report can be printed out for a desired period of time.