Automatic ingredient dosing machine Powdermatic™ Lite M

Automatic ingredient dosing machine Powdermatic™ Lite M

The Powdermatic™ Lite M is the market's fastest automatic dosing equipment for the precise, dust-free and uncontaminated dosing of micro ingredients by recipe to collector boxes. By a press of a button, the Powdermatic™ unit doses a mixture of micro ingredients according to a recipe to a collector boxes. This solution is especially suitable for artisan and industrial  bakeries that dose ingredients manually or to food factories, where ingredient collector boxes are used in more than one mixer


The Powdermatic™ Lite M equipment provides considerable labour cost and raw material savings and improves the consistency of your end product, as the dosing of raw materials is extremely precise.


The Powdermatic™Lite M also logs weighing events, thus allowing your product or product batch to be traced at a later time, if necessary.



  • Precise, recipe-based dosing of small components
  • Dosing accuracy typically : +/– 10 g
  • Dosing capacity: up to 120 pcs of 10 kg batches per hour
  • Excellent work ergonomics: Filling of containers from floor level
  • Compact: does not take up a lot of floor space
  • Dosing hopper volumes: 100 l or 200 l
  • Plug&Dose™ operation
  • Low installation cost
  • User-friendly operating menus in local language
  • Automatic operation → Significant labour cost savings
  • Meets occupational safety requirements
  • Effective dust removal
  • Economical: No changes required to current dosing system