Continuous dosing of a single ingredient

Continuous dosing of a single ingredient

Powder Technic's Loss-in-Weight Smart™ dosers are designed for continuous weighed dosing of a single ingredient. Typical applications are for example: filling of an extruder line's buffer hopper and a continuous dosing of various ingredients on a baking line. We offer complete solutions with a customized  Powder Feeder, suitable filling system for the feeder and a PLC control. 


Fluidiser™ equipment and doser geometry ensure a precise dose – with all powders

Thanks to the design of the doser bottom cone, which is based on our years of expertise in powder handling, and the revolutionary Powder Technic Fluidiser™ auxiliary discharger technology, our dosers are ideal for all dry powders, even ones that are susceptible to vaulting.

Plug and Dose™

Our dosing equipment is delivered calibrated and tested, thus making their start-up as easy as 1-2-3.


  • Dosing tank volume and dosing capacity are dimensioned specifically for each project ,typically 50..300 l
  • Structural material: stainless steel
  • Dosing accuracy (depending on the raw material) +/-0.5 %
  • Capacity range typically : 5-1000 kg/h
  • Fluidisation equipment in the tank section ensures the problem-free dosing of powders
  • Meets ATEX and occupational safety requirements
  • Can be used for the dosing of all dry powders

Powder Technic's Loss-in-Weight Smart™ dosing controller

Powder Technic's proprietary Loss-in-Weight Smart™ dosing controller maintains the desired dosing capacity, adjusting the dosing speed within set tolerances, if necessary.

The doser's dosing capacity is locked at the current dosing speed for the duration of the fill and then resumes weighed and controlled dosing after filling is done. Powder Technic's loss-in-weight equipment achieves a 0.25-1.5% dosing accuracy, depending on the raw material being used, and real-time data on the dosing is given in a trend curve.

Using field bus technology, the equipment can be connected to a higher level control system, thus allowing the desired dose quantity to be issued from, for example, the process control room.

Dosing accuracy and user-friendliness

Powder Technic's Loss-in-Weight Smart™ controller differs from other dosing controllers on the market due to its revolutionary control algorithm and clear, user-friendly interface. The highly advanced dosing algorithm of the controller enhances dosing accuracy and reaches the set dosing speed more quickly than conventional loss-in-weight controllers.