Batch dosing of a single ingredient

Batch dosing of a single ingredient

For the automation of the manual dosing of a single ingredient, we produce various Powder Feeders that dose the desired amount of ingredient by a simple press of  buttom. Typical applications are for example : filling of a sour dough tank, filling of a powder dispenser on a conveying line, filling of a extruder line's buffer hopper, dosing to a vacuum mixer and  dosing of an ingredient that can't be conveyed pneumatically. 


Standardised solutions – competitive price

The technical details of our dosers have been fine-tuned into state-of-the-art features with experience we have gained from hundreds of different dosing applications. Thanks to standardised solutions, we can apply the advantages of serial production in our design and manufacturing, while delivering individually dimensioned equipment at an extremely competitive price.

Fluidiser™ equipment and doser geometry ensure a precise dose – with all powders

Thanks to the design of the doser base, which is based on our years of expertise in powder handling, and the revolutionary Powder Technic Fluidiser™ auxiliary discharger technology, our dosers are ideal for powders with excellent flow properties and those susceptible to vaulting.

The Plug-and-Dose™ principle ensures an easy start-up

Our dosing equipment is delivered calibrated and tested, thus making their start-up as easy as 1-2-3. We deliver our dosers as turnkey products, already fitted with our own dosing controllers, or without controllers, if the customer prefers to integrate the doser into its own automation system.


  • Dosing tank volume and dosing capacity are dimensioned specifically for each project.
  • Structural material: stainless steel
  • Measuring accuracy: as much as 1 g
  • Fluidisation equipment in the tank section ensures the problem-free dosing of powders
  • Meets ATEX and occupational safety requirements
  • Can be used for the dosing of all dry powders

Powder Technic batch dosing controller

Powder Technic's proprietary batch dosing controller controls weighed batch dosing and maintains dosing accuracy automatically, even if the powder's properties change during dosing.

Using bus technology, the equipment can be connected to a higher level control system, thus allowing the desired dose quantity to be issued from, for example, the process control room. Powder Technic's batch dosing controller differs from other products on the market due to its revolutionary features and, above all, its clear, user-friendly interface.